Seealpsee Switzerland


This is my most exciting post to write because I loved this day in Switzerland so much! When in the Swiss Alps I feel like I'm living in a painting, its so beautiful! 

The hike to Seealpsee starts in Wasserauen with a ride on the Ebenalp cable car. My Swiss friend didn't tell us much about what our day would look like before we arrived to the bottom of the beautiful Ebenalp mountain. After we were done gazing and snapping an uber amount of snapchats and Instagram videos we finally asked; so what are we doing!? He pointed at the cable car and said, "we're taking that up to the top of the mountain, the view is amazing". 

Parking at the bottom of the Ebenalp cable car

Parking at the bottom of the Ebenalp cable car

Them happy Swiss cows

Them happy Swiss cows

Up we go... 


At the top of the cable car you arrive to a spectacular view of the valley on one side and the craggy alpine mountains on the other. 

Ebenalp ski lift

Ebenalp ski lift

A short walk from the where the cable car drops you off is a restaurant; Berggasthaus Ebenalp. We didn't eat, but sat outside and cooled down with drinks before starting our hike to the Seealpsee (lake). 


And begins our leisure hike with epic views of the Alpstein. What made this hike even more impressive is the cowbells in the background, as if we're in a movie with background music to fit the scene. 

The trail continues alongside the cliff, and you walk through Wildkirchli caves, a chapel right inside the cliff, and a little tunnel... 

IMG_1965 (2).JPG

Shortly after, around the corner, you will reach the Ascher Cliff Restaurant, which use to be a hotel, but is now only open as a restaurant spring through summer. 

"Instafamous"- Hejko (our Swiss tour guide)

"Instafamous"- Hejko (our Swiss tour guide)

At this point we did work up an appetite and had another break to eat... 

Hashbrowns (roesti) and eggs are not just breakfast food in Switzerland. These were the best hashbrowns I've had in my life! I got mine with eggs and Kim got her's with the sausage. 

IMG_1599 (1)_edited.jpg

After lunch we continued descending towards the Seealpsee (lake). Hejko (Swiss bearded guy) walked us down to the water and on to a little rowboat that was chained on the shore. We were squealing with excitement to get on the rowboat, kinda funny to think back, such girls. 

IMG_9194_edited (2).jpg
Natural spring drinking water

Natural spring drinking water


On our drive home we stopped in another town, St. Gallen, to visit Abbey Cathedral St.Gallen. St. Gallen is adorable, well worth the stop! We also took an ice-cream break :) Swiss ice-cream has a very creamy texture, similar to Italian gelato, so good!


And that is how you end the day... with a large glass of Swiss ice-cream :)