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I went to the library with my nephews the other day and was inspired to write a few blogs about some of my favorite books. Most, but not all of the books I read have an overarching spiritual or moral lesson, but these books are great reads for believers and non-believer alike. This post includes my favorite Christian fiction novels and series, not in any particular order, I love them all for different reasons. 

1. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers  

Redeeming Love (2).jpg

Why I love this book is because it portrays God's unconditional, redemptive, all-consuming love and forgiveness, through a compelling retelling of the story of Gomer and Hosea of the Bible. If you're looking for a Christian romance, this is a great one!

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2. Israel My Beloved by Kay Arthur


Its been a while since I read this one, but its still one of my favorites. The author retells the history of Israel's tragic mistakes that led to the nation's captivity by Babylon and leads to today's miracles of triumph against all odds. This book is heartwarming and filled with adventure and suspense. It is an amazing testimony of God's great love and faithfulness even in Israel's darkest hour.

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3. This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti

This Present D.png

This Present Darkness is a 2 book series, pictured above. I admit I have only read the 1st one. Why I love this book is because it gave me a perspective of the spiritual world and how it operates and impacts our natural world and life. 

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4. Deception by Randy Alcorn 

Deception (2).jpg

I like this one because it is set in Portland, OR, my home town. I went through a murder mystery phase at some point and this one was a favorite.

"A gripping story of murder and spiritual struggle, Deception proves, as never before, the truth of Ollie’s first law: “Things are often not what they appear.”" - From the hardcover edition.

This book is the 3rd book of the Ollie Chandler series, I've only read this one and didn't even realize there were 2 books ahead, so you can pick up with this one or start with the first book of the series; Deadline.

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5. What a Girl Wants by Kristin Billerbeck

Girl (2).jpg

I love this book! It's a perfect read for the single lady in waiting. The author uses humor and spunk to tell a story of a single woman's search for being content with who she is with or without a man. I loved this book because its a very realistic story that I can relate to. It is book 1 of the Ashley Stockingdale series. I need to read the following 2; She's out of Control and With This Ring I'm Confused! 

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6. The Mark of The Lion series by Francine Rivers 

Mark of Lion (2).jpg

Loved loved loved this series! Pictured above is the 1st book, A Voice in the Wind, which is so captivating you'll be running to the nearest library to read the following two; An Echo in the Darkness and As Sure as the Dawn. I read all three in a matter of days, I couldn't put them down. 

"The first book in the bestselling Mark of the Lion series, A Voice in the Wind brings readers back to the first century and introduces them to a character they will never forget—Hadassah. Torn by her love for a handsome aristocrat, this young slave girl clings to her faith in the living God for deliverance from the forces of decadent Rome." 

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Leave a comment, I'd love to know what some of your favorites are!