Zurich Switzerland

We LOVED Zurich! We spent 4 full days in Zurich, but that didn't seem like enough. There is a lot more to do in this city than one would expect. Also, its a good central point if you want to stay in Zurich, but take day trips to see other parts of the country. 

We started with a walk to "Old Town" (Altstadt). Our Airbnb was close to a subway stop called "Sackzelg". Although public transportation is available, we chose to walk and experience more of the city by foot. The walk from our Airbnb to Old Town was about 30-40 minutes through the city. 

Random street on our walk

Random street on our walk

To get to Old Town, we crossed the picturesque Rudolf Brun Bridge with the view of one of Zurich's big clock churches. 

IMG_9058_edited (2).jpg

One of the nights we had dinner at Bauernschanke Restaurant. It was SO good. The menu was hard to read and we didn't realize that the salads do NOT come with the meal, but it was still worth it. I also didn't realize that their "green salad" is not just lettuce and croutons. Green salad in Switzerland includes the works. I was impressed with the variety of veggies included. What I was more impressed with was my meatloaf and mashed potatoes... Yum! The portions were decently sized, we each took half our meal home :) Probably could've lived without the first course of salads we ordered haha. 


We really enjoyed simply walking around Old Town, shopping in the boutiques, eating, and taking pictures. Every corner was cuter than the next :) 


I'm not sure if its because of the happy Swiss cows or what, but the ice-cream is really the best. It has a creamy texture similar to Italian gelato. 


We shopped at the Vero Moda on the left in the picture above. 

Take a break to watch the swans swim in the lake

Take a break to watch the swans swim in the lake

Other things to do in Zurich:

  • Visit St Peter Church - It is the first Protestant religious building in Zurich after the Reformation and a famous national monument.

  • Shop or window shop Bahnhofstrasse street - A main street in downtown Zurich and one of the world's most expensive and exclusive shopping avenues.

  • Hangout at Lake Zurich (boat tour about $9) or if its summer go swimming at Tiefenbrunnen Beach

  • Visit the Chinese garden

  • Check out Lindenhof in the city center - a great view

  • Visit the Rhine Falls, the largest waterfalls in Europe (See my post Rhine Falls Switzerland)

  • Take a walking path up Uetliberg Hill for a view of Zurich. At the top have a picnic or eat at the restaurant. There is also a train that can take you to the top.

  • Go to Babu's Bakery! Home of the best waffles I've ever had! I wrote a quick post about our experience; Babu's Bakery - Zurich.

No joke, one of our activities was making raclette and hanging out on our Airbnb terrace, it was a lot of fun! Our hosts left all the ingredients for us, so sweet. Raclette is basically cooked potatoes and pickled veggies with melted cheese poured over them. If you're interested in learning more click here

Enjoying some wine on the Airbnb apartment terrace

Enjoying some wine on the Airbnb apartment terrace

The sun was just starting to set... I miss those cobble stone streets!

The sun was just starting to set... I miss those cobble stone streets!

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