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My sister and I spent last Saturday walking in the Alberta Arts District. This uniquely charming area of Portland offers a variety of restaurants, cafes, shops, galleries,  and boutiques. If you want a good taste of Portland, this is where to find how Portland keeps Portland weird :). Especially on Last Thursday, during the summer months June-August. 

Last Thursday is a monthly art walk where local artists will line up the street to display their art, no matter what form it comes in, and art galleries will open their doors to the public. To see more on last Thursday click here

We took a break and met up with a couple friends at Proud Mary Coffee. Proud Mary is fairly new to Portland and we are very excited to have them! Proud Mary is an Australian cafe and their first location in the US is here in Portland, OR. Best part is that they serve breakfast all day, yum! I was so hungry, couldn't wait to try this place out!  

And they did not disappoint, our food was awesome, I especially liked the Ricotta Hotcake. It satisfied my taste buds and pleased my visual senses... 

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My sister couldn't resist a photo shoot outside the cafe... I don't blame her, the black fence and door make a fantastic backdrop... 

Walking off my scrumptious meal 

Walking off my scrumptious meal 

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For style details see my post "White Sweater" click here

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We might get another break from the Portland rain sometime soon. When we do, get out there and explore... and when you get cold or rained on, run into the closest coffee shop and enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea... 'tis the season :)