Favorite Brunch Places in Portland

Every Sunday I go out to brunch with my family and friends after church. Every once in a while we try to find something new. Considering Portland is a foodie city, its not too hard, but I definitely have my favorites! I'll start with where we ate today; Cheryl's on 12th Restaurant & Catering Company...

1. Cheryl's On 12th

"Cheryl's on 12th & As Good As It Gets Catering is a combination restaurant and catering company that provides delicious cuisine for dining in, delivery, weddings & events. We offer breakfast/brunch, lunch, dinner and casual to full service catering. We look forward to an opportunity to serve you soon! Make sure to come into the restaurant for our complimentary beignets - trust us, you don't want to miss them!" These beignets are SO good, they serve them soon as you're seated! After waiting to be seated, its a nice treat that makes the wait worth it. I also want to mention that our service was amazing! 

Above left is my Eggs Sardou, which is a benedict with creamed spinach and artichoke, and on the right is the Croque Madame. The side on both dishes are creamy crispy hash-browns, and yes those are corn flakes to make them crispy, surprisingly really good! 

Above is their signature dish; Portuguese Fried Rice with an egg on top. I had a taste of this, and it was so good! I'm coming back just to order it! 

2. Jam on Hawthorne 

My other favorite and go to is Jam on Hawthorne. I ate there a couple weeks ago with a friend. I was just starting a sugar detox and was careful about what I was eating. I love that Jam has so many healthy options, somewhat unique when it comes to brunch. 


Pictured above, I ordered the Bella Sunrise and my friend ordered the Oatmeal Chai Blueberry Pancakes. My other favorites off of their menu are; Brian's Hash (very filling) and the Wild Smoked Salmon Hash. 

3. Off The Waffle- Flavorful liege waffles with sweet and salty combinations of either savory or sweet toppings. 

Pictured above is what I ordered; The BMB- Liège Waffle topped with two strips of nitrate/ nitrite free-bacon and melted havarti cheese, with fresh basil chiffonade and drizzled with real Vermont maple syrup with an egg on top. 

Pictured above left is the Be Brie Peared- Liège Waffle topped with organic pear, housemade onion jam, and melted brie drizzled with balsamic glaze. And on the right is the Om-Let- three-egg omelet with organic farm fresh eggs, salt and pepper, nitrate/ nitrite-free bacon, and melted havarti cheese. Served with one Original Liège waffle on the side.

My nephew digging into an Original waffle with chocolate sauce. The kids LOVE this place!

My nephew digging into an Original waffle with chocolate sauce. The kids LOVE this place!

Some of my other favorite brunch spots, but I don't have pictures to share yet are:

4. Country Cat - love the eggs benedict!

5. Ya Hala Lebanese Cuisine - they have a great brunch menu, won't be your typical omelettes and eggs benedicts though :) 

6. Cafe Broder - recently had the meatballs and gravy, yummm

I'll add to the list as I discover new favorites, so stay tuned!

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