St Johns Bridge Portland, Oregon

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Portland, OR has 12 bridges total, and St Johns is my favorite! Its the only steel suspension bridge towering 400 ft of Gothic towers (at its highest points) over the Willamette River, and is one of three public highway suspension bridges in Oregon. It is also the tallest bridge in Portland.

The pictures I'm sharing are from a recent photo-shoot at St. Johns Bridge and the park underneath; Cathedral Park. 


Views from the bridge...

Cathedral Park is given its name due to the shape of the arches supporting the bridge, they create an outdoor chapel under the bridge. This park is quite enjoyable during any season; have a picnic in the summer, ride a bike, take a walk along its paths and across the bridge, sunbathe, or do a rainy photo-shoot, like we did!

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Following the photographer's lead 

Following the photographer's lead 

Photos by @Simona.Tsvor

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