My Venice Experience - Lido Di Venezia

On our third day in Venice we decided to leave the popular touristy districts of Venice and relax on the beach. But first...


We started our day with coffee and mini sandwiches (canapes) for breakfast.


The sandwiches were from a small cafe near our Airbnb. They were so yummy, and reminded me of the sandwiches (canapes) us Eastern Europeans like to make as appetizers for parties :) 

On our way to catch the Vaporetto, a water bus, we decided to walk through the Jewish Ghetto, and couldn't resisted stopping by a bakery. We justified our indulgence with the fact that we walk everywhere!..

Vaporetto - Water Bus

We then walked to where the Vaporetto are, which is near the train station that we arrived at. We figured out which one will take us to Lido Beach and waited to catch the next ride. The Vaporetto are inexpensive, about 7 Euro when we went. Lido was the last stop on the Vaporetto, so we got a scenic point of view of Venice this way, it was awesome! 

Doge's Palace as we floated away 

Doge's Palace as we floated away 


Lido is one of the islands of Venice and is a 6.8 mile long sandbar. People do live on the island, population is about 20,000. 

We got off the water bus/taxi, asked for directions to the beach, and walked straight across to the other side of the island. Which was not far, the island is pretty narrow. It was charming with somewhat of a tropical island feel to it, much more laid back than the center of Venice. 

Ausonia & Hungaria Palace Hotel , a hotel from the early 19th century 

Ausonia & Hungaria Palace Hotel, a hotel from the early 19th century 

Once we stepped on the beach we were targeted to buy beach blankets, this was pretty annoying. But all we had to lay on was tiny towels we brought with us from the Airbnb, so we bargained and ended up buying one for 10 Euro. Unfortunately none of us had extra room in our backpacks to take it with us after Venice. 

Making ourselves comfy on our pretty purchase

Making ourselves comfy on our pretty purchase

The water isn't sapphire blue like you would get in Greece, but we enjoyed it none the less. We even ended up meeting some locals that entertained us with fun Italian conversation while we sunbathed :) 


Once we reached "well done" in the sun and starved, we went searching for a place to eat, preferably under shade. I was craving a caprese salad, so we found a place that had a good looking one on the menu...


After dinner we walked back to catch the Vaporetto and the view of the sunset, which was incredibly beautiful...

IMG_9640 (2).JPG

It cooled off into the evening, so the new beach blanket was also put to use as a shawl while on the Vaporetto :)... 

Once back on shore, we went for some more gelato :) 

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