Healthy Skin


A few weeks ago I was sent a package of Daily Beauty teas from The Republic of Tea. I loved the teas so much, I was inspired to do another post on healthy skin.

5 tips for healthy skin:

  1. Hydrate - this is where delicious and healthy skin promoting herbal teas help (lots of purified water as well). For example the Daily Beauty tea, mentioned above, has blue butterfly pea flower, blueberry, and other herbs which supply anthocyanins that have been shown to promote collagen and anti-aging properties for skin.

  2. Moisturize - I use a daily moisturizer from Doterra- essential oil brand. I have combination skin, so I choose a highly moisturizing anti-aging cream that also absorbs quickly into the skin.

  3. Exfoliate - I’ve tried many exfoliating products out there and found that good old baking soda does the trick best. I suggest exfoliating about once a week for maintenance. If you’re skin is feeling highly congested you can wash your face with a non-foamy face wash and then exfoliate with an exfoliating product or baking soda. In extreme cases or breakouts, I gently rub the baking soda in and let sit for 3-5 minutes, to breakdown the gunk, and then gently wash off.

  4. Detox - I don’t do this often. Maybe once or twice a year I’ll follow my skin detox plan, which I explain here.

  5. Sleep - Get at least 7-8 of sleep at night to keep you and your skin healthy. You can read all about beauty sleep here.


Link to my Skin Detox post here.