Books with studies

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I’ve been participating in a women’s group led by my sister Olga for about a year, and its been awesome! We choose Biblical topics to study and discuss over a course of 6-10 weeks. Sometimes we use a book, a video, a study guide, or some sort of combination. I’m going to share with you guys the recent books we read that came with study guides and are great for group studies.

I’ll start with Crash the Chatterbox by Steven Furtick, its about hearing God’s voice above the all other voices-or in other words; “the chatter”. I like that the author is very relatable and relevant to the current times. This book will help you learn how to silence the crippling lies from the enemy and hear God’s voice more clearly. You can order this book, participant’s guide, or the full set with book, DVD, and guide on Amazon.

Another great book we read together was The Power of a Woman’s Words by Sharon Jaynes. Our words have so much power, we can use them to give life or destroy it. The author will help you learn to use your words in powerful positive ways. This book and book and study guide can also be found on Amazon.

Both books are great reads outside of a study group and without study guides as well.

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