Bye 2018 and Hello 2019!

Its a New Year, once again!… boy that was fast.

Literally kissing 2018 goodbye… it was the last sunset of the year!… and what a gorgeous one.

Literally kissing 2018 goodbye… it was the last sunset of the year!… and what a gorgeous one.

I looked back and read my New Year 2018 post: 2018 Hopes and Dreams… sounds like I was pretty excited about 2018, and for good reason! Lots of fun things happened in 2018, things I didn’t even have planned as of the first of last year. Here is the list of my hopes and dreams to accomplish for 2018:

  • Travel to at least 10 cities that I have not been to in the last 5 years.  - I definitely reached and probably surpassed this goal. Only a day after writing my post I agreed to go on a Work and Witness trip (mission trip) with my friend’s parent’s church to the Dominican Republic. It was my first and one of my favorite decisions of 2018. Some of the places I ended up traveling to in 2018:

    • Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (Link to Blog posts: Dominican)

    • Newport Beach and Irvine, CA

    • Malaga, Spain (Link to Blog posts: Spain - English Camp)

    • Ronda, Spain (Link to Blog posts: Ronda)

    • Alhaurin de la Torre, Spain

    • Mijas, Spain (Link to Blog post: Mijas)

    • Granada, Spain (Link to Blog posts: Granada)

    • Lisbon, Portugal (Link to Blog posts: Lisbon)

    • Sintra, Portugal (Link to Blog posts: coming soon)

    • Barcelona, Spain (Link to Blog posts: coming soon)

    • Fort Lauderdale, FL (Link to Blog post: Fort Lauderdale)

  • I started my Travel/Style/Lifestyle blog at the end of 2017, I hope it grows to reach and inspire thousands more people in 2018 - I’m really happy with using my blog to document travel, life events, and thoughts. Sometimes I wish I named it something that didn’t limit it to sounding like a travel blog, since it ended up encompassing more than travel, and that’s awesome!

  • Do something spontaneous. (I usually like everything to be well planned). - The closest I got to meeting this goal was agreeing to go on the Dominican trip only 3 weeks prior to take off. For someone who loves her trips to be planned to the hour, this was a spontaneous decision for me.

  • Learn something new, as in; a new skill, new language, or new concept.  - I’m not sure how to put what I’ve learned this year into a few phrases, but I definitely learned an entirely new way of thinking about what it means to be a Christian, what I am called to do as one, and the power I have within me through the Holy Spirit. This new learned “concept” was huge and altered my life. Along with that I got to know God on a deeper level, and can honestly say I love Him, not something I could wrap my heart and mind around in the past.

  • Read at least 10 books. - Alright I might have not reached this, so lets leave this one as a “dream”… I did read a few interesting books, which I highly recommend:

    • Switch On Your Brain - by Dr. Caroline Leaf

    • Manifesting the Power of God - a compilation of Smith Wigglesworth sermons

    • Crash the Chatterbox - by Steve Furtick

    • The Power of a Women’s Words - by Sharon Jaynes

    • The Masterpiece - by Francine Rivers

    • Whisper - by Mark Batterson

    • The Alchemist - by Paulo Coelho

  • Be more generous with my time, resources, compassion, service, and love. - I intentionally tried to do this, and even when I didn’t want to, I reminded myself that it is what I want to do and be like. I am really happy I did, I even formed some new habits and thought process from it.

  • As a Christian, this year I want to enjoy God's presence more than I have in the past. I want to be less of a Martha and more of a Mary, sitting at the feet of Jesus. - This goes along with my learn something new bullet. Whether I intentionally tried to do this, or circumstances drove me it, but I will keep living my life enjoying God’s presence the way I have finally learned to.

Now looking forward to 2019!

For this year I’m keeping it simple:

  • I want to finish blogging about my summer travels (yes I’m really behind)

  • Plan a trip for late spring/early summer (not sure where yet)

  • Start the new year taking a break from social media (I’m on day 3, and its a challenge!). I initially decided on 3 weeks, but lets be honest, it’ll probably be a week :) My intent with this is to start the year refocused. I think I got too caught up in it all towards the end of 2018, and just didn’t want to bring that into the new year. But I am also making an exception and posting a link to this entry on Facebook, does that mean I cheated? Who’s making the rules anyway!